About Us:

Marina of the Salinas Marina de las Salinas is among the best and most complete seaports of Spain, reaching the highest quality in all services.




To achieve the objective, which puts the port from one of the first seaports of national reference, we carry out the selection of the best professionals. Highlighting areas there are restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, boutiques and entertainment business for fun. For your selection we will build on the proven experience and recognized success already achieved in their respective businesses.



* Water * Electricity * waiting * Bar * Gas / Diesel * Restaurant * First Aid * Supermarket * Info Meteorology * Collecting Oils * Ice * Collecting Garbage.

Listado de servicios disponibles próximamente:

*Crane *Travel lift *Ramp *Repair shop *Bank


Marina of the Salinas,
located within the Port of San Pedro del Pinatar in the southwest corner. It is one of the best ports in the CARM for the quality of design and finishes. It has an extensive shopping and leisure as well as an extensive car park.

Another of its main features is the availability of berths for yachts above the usual ports in the region of Murcia.

Draught 4 m  Maximum length 30 m   Tie 204